Effective Teaching Programs for Your Children

Cheekwood Child Development Center in Nashville, TN provides various programs appropriate for your little ones. These are:

Bright Beginners Infant Program

A warm and loving environment awaits your infant in our Bright Beginner’s Program.  Bright Beginners join our program as early as 6 weeks old.  We celebrate your little one’s development as they learn about themselves and their world.  Brain research has proven what parents intuitively know, a child’s first years are critical to success in school, in relationships, and in future life.  Working closely with parents to help provide a schedule and routine that meets your family’s needs is what our Nursery caregivers are trained to do.  Before your child’s enrollment even begins you will meet with our nursery staff to go over your feeding and sleeping schedule your little one is on at home.  We do our best to keep them on the same schedule at school as well to make for a smoother transition.  A daily event sheet will be sent to you at the end of each day through the HiMama app and you can even send and receive messages and pictures through the app during the day.  We also have a wonderful screened porch for daily outside time that they will enjoy getting fresh air each day. 


Terrific Toddlers and Explorers

Are your toddlers and twos ready for a day of hugging, cuddling, and exploring the world around them?  In the next 2 levels your child will embark on a journey full of discoveries.  Our trained staff provides a stimulating and safe environment for them to explore through purposeful play activities and lots of love.   

Prepared fun activities include singing, dancing, reading, counting, story time, early Spanish introduction and creative arts just to name a few of the things your little one will get to enjoy.  Our Toddler group will enjoy outside time and exploring nature on their own covered playground area complete with a soft area to tumble around on.  Our Explorers group have a large playground all to themselves complete with swings, toy trains, and forts to open their little imaginations.  Each day you will get an overview of their day sent to you through our HiMama app and you can even send and receive messages and pictures directly to your child’s teacher during the day. 


Preschool and Pre-K lead instructors hold their Bachelor's Degrees or higher in Early Childhood Education 

Our preschool program uses the Zaner-Bloser Happily Ever After Program as well as the Handwriting without Tears program.  We incorporate a strong language arts/phonics base that also includes several enrichment components as well:  Science, Social Studies, Math, Art, Music with ABC Music and Me, Computer and Spanish.  The children also have plenty of free choice time to explore their learning environment because after all, they are children and children want to play!  Our Preschool students will also have benchmark assessments that allow us to be sure we are working at a comfortable pace for each of them.  These assessments are what we use during our parent/teacher conferences and to plan activities for each individual child according to their development.   



Our goal is to set your child up for a successful Kindergarten year while developing their love of learning and self-confidence.  Our Pre-K program uses the Zaner-Bloser Superkids reading program which is a Kindergarten curriculum and picks up right where the Preschool program ends and continues the children's journey into Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art, Music with ABC Music and Me, Spanish, and Computer classes that reinforce their weekly lessons.  They still have plenty of time for free choice and to play :)  Unit assessments help us to monitor their progress and to insure we are moving at a comfortable pace for each child.  These unit assessments are what we use during our parent/teacher conferences and to plan activities for each individual child according to their development. Our graduates have been accepted into the  Encore program in the public school sector as well as some of the top private schools in the area such as Ensworth, Lipscomb Academy, Harding Academy, Oak Hill, The University School and St. Henry’s just to name a few.